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Do you experience anxiety, stress or burnout related to your professional or academic responsibilities?

Are you struggling to set boundaries, often saying"Yes" when you want to say no?

Do you wish you had the confidence to speak up in meetings or assert yourself personally?

Would you like to explore practical strategies for managing stress, building resilience and improving overall well-being?

...If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you're in the right place!


Where I believe that every individual's journey to well-being is as unique as a mosaic, made up of different experiences and perspectives.

Drawing from over 15 years of mental health expertise, Im here to support you as you explore thoughts and feelings.

Discover personal growth in a safe virtual space, tailored to students and professionals seeking balance and confidence. 

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Meet Jennifer...

Therapist & Owner of Inner Mosaic Therapy

Welcome! As someone who personally experienced burnout & stress both as a student & professional, I understand the unique challenges you may face. 

For the past 15 years in the mental health industry, my goal has been to provide you with a safe space to explore, learn & reflect so you can make informed choices and implement strategies that bring positive change to your personal, professional & academic life. Let's do this!

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Virtual Services

I offer personalized services designed to support your growth and well-being. Whether through individual sessions, engaging workshops or the power of group therapy, I am committed to providing the guidance & tools you need to navigate life's challenges successfully. Click below to learn more.

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